Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Revived Twitter, upcoming podcast, and awakening blog.


For a ton of reasons, good, bad, and ugly, Nerd Noise Radio went dormant for a while. It was only my inability to bring myself to actually pull the plug that kept the blog, twitter, and everything else NNR with the lights shut off, rather than altogether bulldozed. It was my hope that someday down the road that spark would come back, and the lights would come back on.

I am pleased to tell you that day has arrived! :-)

I only have 10 minutes left of a lunch break, so this has got to be super short, but I wanted to post today in part simply to make a "good faith deposit" on my intention and desire to revive the blog. But I also wanted to let you know that the Twitter page is back up and running at full steam, as well as make an EVEN MORE exciting announcement: after four years of saying I was eventually going to do it, THE NERD NOISE RADIO PODCAST IS HAPPENING!

 Episode 1 is already recorded, slated for a release on all the major podcast outlets Thursday, January 5th! I also hope to get maybe four more episodes recorded between now and then so I'm well ahead, and not racing a deadline!

And once I've got a bit of a leg up on the podcast and am scheduled a few weeks in advance on the Twitter page....I plan to turn my attention back to blogging, and bring you more content! My planned first article will either be to talk about the upcoming podcast, or to follow-up on my XB1 vs PS4 blog post from May 2015, having had the benefit of a year and a half to not only find the answers to the questions it poses - but also find ourselves in some sense in a completely different world, with things like PlayStation VR, PS4Pro, Windows10 NXOE integration, and Project Scorpio in the wings. There's a lot to talk about there.

Whichever one isn't first will be second. Also, I still want to retool my old RetroGaming Times Monthly series on the 16-bit console wars for a blog format, and share that with you as well. Plus I have one or two other surprises planned! :-)

It may be a few more weeks, or even a month or two before the blog is back up to full steam. But please take this blog post as a down-payment on my promise that the Nerd Noise Radio blog is back from the dead, and I very sincerely look forward to what's coming next!


-John - Chief Nerd at Nerd Noise Radio