Friday, October 30, 2020

PODCAST UPDATE October, 2020

So the plan was to release "C1E54: Do The Mario" yesterday as October's all-new episode of NNR, and do a rerun in November in anticipation of December's upcoming "Best of 2019" pair. But we're still dealing with post move from a house move here at Nerd Noise Manor, and so the wife has successfully managed to talk me into pushing "Do the Mario" back to November.

It will now release Nov 20th. And tomorrow the main NNR feed will rerun the Super Castlevania IV soundtrack (Halloween 2018), while the separate dedicated rerun feed will rebroadcast the Bram Stoker's Dracula (Genesis) soundtrack (Halloween 2017) - C1E37 and C1E17 respectively. Greatness from Masanori Idachi / Taro Kudo and Matt Furniss respectively for the holiday! I hope you'll give them a revisit. :-)

The  music blocks for "Do the Mario" as well as both of the "Best of 2019" episodes ("C1E55a: Listener Picks", and "C1E55b: St John's Picks") are complete, and I'm very satisfied with all of them, and of course, eager to share them with you. "Do the Mario" is 35 tracks from 35 distinct Mario and extended universe games to celebrate "Mario 35". Listener Picks is the max# of tracks at 50, from 9 listeners, 79 total submissions, 61 distinct tracks, meaning, due to the overabundance of blessings from these incredible individuals, we actually had to leave 11 out. And "St. John's picks", which, of course, as usual, is a 75 track 3.5hr MONSTER that we only do once a year because it's so massive!

Exact dates TBD, but I'm anticipating early Dec for pt 1 and mid December for pt 2, because I plan a Christmas Eve release for C2E2 (Channel 2 Episode 2) with Hugues. So, once again, December will be an unusually content-rich month for Nerd Noise Radio. I hope you will enjoy!

Lastly, I'll leave you with a bit of a minor cliffhanger: Best of 2017 and Best of 2018 Listener Picks episodes both opened with Streets of Rage series music: "The Streets of Rage" from SoR1 for Bo2017, and "Go Straight" from SoR2 for Bo2018. Bo2019 Listener Picks does contain two pieces of SoR3 music, but neither of them are nearly as strong of "episode opener" tracks as a number of other potential opener candidates from the list, or as the tracks which kicked off the previous years. 

So, will I keep tradition alive and open with SoR3 even though it's not the optimal way to kick things off (the hedonist as well as the sentimentalist as well as the OCD in me preferred this option), or will I allow the tradition to die here in the name of opening with something that makes a much more amazing gateway into promised adventure (the pragmatist in me preferred this option)? 

I mean, of course, I know the answer to this already. And the contributing listeners have been given the answer as well. But for the rest of you? You'll just have to wait til early December to find out. I'll be curious to know which way you're hoping it'll go, though. So, please do light me up in the comments on it! :-)

Anyway, that's NNR for the rest of 2020! November rerun on the dedicated reruns subfeed will be the Shinobi 3 soundtrack (C1E42), and the December rerun is TBD. Possibly the Best of 2017 Listener Picks (Best of 2018 is too long). I hope you'll enjoy!

Cheers, and Happy Halloween tomorrow!!! I still have the unused music block that was originally intended to be Halloween 2019. I'll probably have it playing in the background as we socially distantly hand out candy for Beggar's night here in Des Moines tonight (Des Moines does it a night early for some reason), and the plan is to release it to you either as Halloween 2021 or Halloween 2022, meaning that by the time you hear it, it'll already be more than three or four years old in my world! 😯

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy, stay sane, dear listeners....and wherever you are....Fly the N!!!