Sunday, June 17, 2018

Nerd Noise Radio - Channel F: Special Rebroadcast - W.A.R.T. Radio - Episode 11: Indie Extravaganza

Today, we are featuring a rebroadcast of an episode of a podcast that is -NOT- made by Nerd Noise Radio. This is an episode of W.A.R.T. Radio - a VGM "gaiden" of the Nintendomain Podcast. More info on why we are doing this is included in the intro of the episode. Below is a copy/paste of the original W.A.R.T. show notes for their episode - inlcuding tracklist! Enjoy!

p.s. I made a mistake in my intro: the episode features 35 tracks, not 34. My bad! :-)


On this episode of W. A. R. T. Radio, Deku Skrub is going independent with this selection of music from Indie games!  This time it's an uninterrupted 120 minutes of greatness in the style of Nerd Noise Radio!  Enjoy!
0:00 Intro
World of Goo: My Virtual World of Goo Corporation
Composed by Kyle Gabler
1:05 Shovel Knight: Strike the Earth (Plains of Passage)
Composed by Jake Kaufman
4:50 Shantae: Bandit Town
Composed by Jake Kaufman
6:15 XeoDrifter: 4
Composed by Roth Sothy
11:03 Mutant Mudds: Sky Area A (Area 4 Music 1)
Composed by Troupe Gammage
13:46 Undertale: Heartache
Composed by Toby Fox
15:34 Kamiko: The Forest of Awakening
Composed by Misoka
16:50 FEZ: Adventure
Composed by Disasterpiece
20:05 Stardew Valley: Stardew Valley Overture
Composed by Eric Barone
22:32 Celeste: Scattered and Lost
Composed by Lena Raine
28:25 MotoHeroz: Main Theme
Composed by Petri Alanko
29:45 Braid: Downstream
Composed by Shira Kammen
36:19 Tumbleseed: Prairie
Composed by Joel Corelitz
39:45 Axiom Verge: Trace Awakens
Composed by Thomas Happ
43:48 Bit Trip Beat: Transition
Composed by Bit Shifter
47:22 Mighty Milky Way: Title
Composed by Jake Kaufman
50:48 Night in the Woods: Die Anywhere Else
Composed by Alec Holowka
53:12 Cuphead: The Kings Court
Composed by Kristofer Maddigan
57:02 Sound Shapes: Research Development
Composed by Jim Guthrie
1:00:36 SuperBrothers Sword & Sorcery EP: The Ballad of Space Babies
Composed by Jim Guthrie
1:03:40 Mummy Demastered: Title Theme
Composed by Monomer
1:05:43 The Fall: Command Reform
Composed by Cam Jarvis
1:06:49 Geometry Wars: Evolve Mode
Composed by Chris Chudley
1:11:02 Shatter: Granular Extractor
Composed by Module
1:17:34 Hotline Miami: Miami
Composed by Jasper Byrne
1:21:06 Rochard: Space Debris (Space Synth Remix)
Composed by Marcus Kaarlonen
1:26:21 Steamworld Heist: Vectron Battle
Composed by Steam Powered Giraffe
1:31:09 Super Meat Boy: Ballad of the Burning Squirrel
Composed by Danny Baranowsky
1:34:00 Steam World Dig: Tumbleton
Composed by Steam Powered Giraffe
1:36:01 Lost Winds: Blossom Grove
Composed by Frontier Development Limited
1:38:46 Darkest Dungeon: Explore the Ruins (No Light)
Composed by Stuart Chatwood
1:40:03 Cosmic Star Heroine: Battle of Conflicts
Composed by HyperDuck Soundworks
1:43:55 Castle Crashers: Barracks Song
Composed by Matthew Harwood
1:46:13 World of Goo: Red Carpet Extend O Matic
Composed by Kyle Gabler
1:50:18 Art Style: Orbient
Composed by Hiromichi Fujiwara and Kazuomi Suzuki

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Nerd Noise Radio - Channel 1: "Noise from the Hearts of Nerds" Podcast - “C1E30: The Big Sounds of the Little Guy - vol. 1.”

Today’s broadcast is Episode 30 for Theme Thursday, June 14, 2018. Today’s theme is Indie Game music, on a program we're calling "The Big Sound of the Little Guy - vol. 1" - A Super-Sized Episode!

Track#, Game, System, Track Name, Composer, Timestamp:

01: Intro - 00:00:00
02: Ranquest - Hydra Development System- In-game theme - c: John Wedgeworth / a: Jay Cook - 00:02:17
03: VVVVVV - multi - Potential for Anything - Magnus PĂ„lsson - 00:04:33
04: One More Line - multi - Theme - BATTERIE - 00:08:13
05: Fast RMX - NINTENDO SWITCH - Main Menu - Bjulin / Martin Schioeler / Manfred Linzner - 00:10:37
06: Tiny Tower - iOS/Android - Jazz Juice - Dan Foster - 00:12:02
07: Super Meatboy (PS4 / Vita vers) - Hypertension - Scattle - 00:14:38
08: Fez - Multi - Death - disasterpeace - 00:17:38
09: Lovely Planet Arcade - multi - Lovely Introduction - Calum Bowen - 00:20:05
10: Alto's Adventure - multi - Main Theme - ShinnyMetal aka Brian Crawford - 00:23:01
11: ABZU - multi - And the Earth Did Not Yet Bear A Name - Austin Wintory - 00:27:14
12: Fist of Awesome - multi - Bearhattan Transfur - Brendan Ratliff - 00:29:59
13: Lucid 9 - PC/Mac - Adult Talk - Ultra Kitsune - 00:33:25
14: Hotline Miami - multi - Daisuke - El Huervo aka Shelby Cinca - 00:35:17
15: So Many Me - multi - Outskirts - Christopher Gechan and/or Daniel Byrne-McCullough - 00:37:44
16: Rogue Legacy - multi - Broadside of a Broadsword - Gordon McGladdery and/or Judson Cowan - 0:43:32
17: Ultratron - multi - Terminal Technicality - Allicorn - 00:46:36
18: One More Dash - multi - Theme - Batterie - 00:51:08
19: Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Multi - Sodden Hollow (Caves) - Matthias Bossi and/or Jon Evans - 00:54:53
20: Retro City Rampage - multi - Do or Die - Norrin Radd - 00:59:00
21: Shovel Knight - multi - Strike the Earth - Jake Kaufmann - 00:59:46
22: Super Cyborg - PC - Miniboss - Darkman007 - 01:03:30
23: Downwell - multi - Razor Girl - Eirik Suhrke - 01:04:57
24: Prune - multi - That Bit of Hope - Kyle Preston - 01:10:20
25: Monument Valley - iOS/Android - The Descent - Stafford Bawler - 01:13:14
26: Hero of Many - multi - Alone in a Cave - Matus Siroky - 01:16:07
27: Counterspy - PS4/PS3/Vita - Intro Music - Jesse Harlin - 01:17:28
28: One More Jump - iOS/Android - Jump Down - Batterie - 01:18:29
29: Red Trigger - multi - Full Scan- Gabriel Essiambre - 01:22:49
30: Axiom Verge - multi - Occlusion - Thomas Happ - 01:24:22
31: Hyperlight Drifter - multi - The Midnight Wood - disasterpeace - 01:27:30
32: Papo y Yo - multi - A Strange New World - Brian D'Oliveira - 01:33:47
33: Snake Pass - Multi - Bol-Dor's Realm - David Wise - 01:36:05
34: Outro - 01:41:39

Music Block Runtime: 01:39:31, Total Episode Runtime: 01:49:14

Our Intro and Outro Music is Funky Radio - Jet Grind Radio - Dreamcast - BB Rights

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