Monday, June 5, 2017

Nerd Noise Radio - Special Announcement(s) and Bonus - June 2017

EDIT: Sorry for the boomy recording! First time trying a new mic'ing technique, and while I got it to sound good on the home stereo last night, it was terrible in the car this morning. I'll turn down the bass next time, and if I can't get it to sound full and rich like before, I'll just go back to the old method even though it's wrong. :-)


Hi! This is John from Nerd Noise Radio. I have a few special announcements concerning the podcast, and the network. Don't worry, there aren't any big bad bombshells in here. :-)

Also, for reasons that'll become apparent as you listen, we have a bonus feature after the announcements are over. 

So, tuck in, tune in, and get yourself caught up with the pulse of the Noise! :-)


-J (NNR)