Monday, April 20, 2015

THEME SUNDAY - 04/19/2015!

Every Sunday over on our Twitter page (@NerdNoiseRadio) is something I call "Theme Sunday". It's pretty self explanatory, really. All the posts for that day will be of a theme - either the same system, or the same franchise, or different versions of the same track, or one of any number of other possible common elements.

I think I'm gonna try making a blog post out of them also, see how that goes.

So, for this first Theme Sunday, I decided to go with something super easy and obvious. I'm sure NOBODY will have any trouble figuring it out (though later ones may be super hard, you never know.)

Here are the tracks. What's the theme?

X-Men (Arcade) - Ethnic Cave and Flame

Batman (PC Engine) - HES 7

TMNT 2 - The Arcade Game (NES) - Winter's Here

Spider-Man vs the Kingpin (Genesis) - Peter Parker's Room

Justice League Task Force (SNES) - Wonder Woman


...Silver Surfer (NES) - Level theme 2 guesses?

Also, give me some feedback. Rebroadcasting the "Theme Sundays" from Twitter on the blog...good thing? Bad thing? What about "Soundtrack Saturdays" and "Replay Fridays"? Let me know!


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