Thursday, May 4, 2017

Nerd Noise Radio - Channel 1 PODCAST - Epsiode C1E9: May the 4th be with You

Today’s broadcast is Episode 9 for Theme Thursday May 4th 2017. Today’s Theme is Star Wars music on a program we're calling "May the 4th be with You".

Tracklist - Track#, Track Name, Game, System, Composer, Timestamp:

01: Intro - 0:00
02: Star Wars - NES - Main Theme - c: John Williams / a: Marshall Parker - 01:56
03: Star Wars: KOTOR - PC - Taris Apartments - Jeremy Soule - 03:10
04: Star Wars: Republic Commando - PC - Vode An - Jesse Harlin - 04:31
05: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Multi - Juno Unleashed - Mark Griskey - 08:03
06: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire - N64 - Battle of Hoth - c: John Williams / a: Joel McNeely - 09:08
07: Star Wars: Dark Forces - PC - Kyle Katarn’s Theme - Clint Bajakian - 11:27
08: Star Wars Arcade - 32X - High Scores (Cantina) - c: John Williams / a: Jeffery Tveras, Dave Delia - 14:31
09: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - multi - Terror Aboard The Salvation - Mark Griskey - 15:27
10: Star Wars - Mastersystem - Options Menu - c: John Williams / a: Matt Furniss - 25:33
11: Star Wars Episode 1 Racer - PC/N64/Dreamcast - Main Theme (Duel of the Fates) - John Williams - 26:53
12: Star Wars Return of the Jedi - SNES - Speeder Chase - c: John Williams / a: Paul Webb - 28:13
13: Star Wars KOTOR2 - PC - Rebuilt Jedi Enclave - Mark Griskey - 31:56
14: Star Wars Empire Strikes Back - NES - Imperial Death March - c: John Williams / a: Paul Webb - 34:20
15: Star Wars: Millenium Assault - C64 - In-Game Music - c: John Williams / a: Tonka - 34:58
16: Star Wars Battlefront - Multi - Sabotage Theme - Gordy Haab - 38:01
17: Super Star Wars - SNES - Ending Theme - c: John Williams / a: Paul Webb - 39:25
18: Outro - 41:46

Music Block Runtime: 39:53, Total Episode Runtime: 48:24

Our Intro and Outro Music is Funky Radio - Dreamcast - BB Rights

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