Wednesday, August 23, 2017

NNR August 2017 Special Announcements

Special Announcement about "Super-Sized Episodes" - Episode 15, Episode 16, and so on.

VERY IMPORTANT (PLEASE READ!!!!): I KNEW I was going to forget something! I also wanted to talk about "Nerd Noise Radio Crossovers" episodes.

So, all Nerd Noise Radio - Channel 1 episodes fall under one of seven types of episodes:

1) “Scene Sunday" episodes (chiptunes, covers, remixes, non-VGM intersections - all things that are NOT video game music per se, but relate very closely to it.

2) “Mishmash Monday” episodes (free-play)

3) “TwoFer Tuesday” episodes (free-play, but in pairs)

4) “Wayback Wednesday” episodes (greatest hits, retrospectives, and re-runs)

5) “Theme Thursday” episodes (music of a common genre, series, system, composer….you name it, just some kind of common theme that binds all included tracks together)

6) “FaceOff Friday” episodes (presenting one or more version of each track, and asking you to pick a winner

and finally

7) “Soundtrack Saturday” episodes (I trust this one requires no explanation).
And of course, whatever type of episode it is is also what day of the week that episode releases.   

Well, "Nerd Noise Radio Crossover" episodes are episodes that "merge" or "fuse" two or more of the above into a "hybrid focus" episode. Such as a "TwoFer Theme Thursday", or a "Soundtrack FaceOff", or what have you. 

So that they don't get out of hand, we'll probably only do one or maaaaaaybe two of these a year. But the reason I wanted to mention it now is because not only will our next episode, Episode 15 be our first ever "Super-Sized" Episode, but it will also be our first ever "Crossover" episode as well - specifically, a "TwoFer Theme Thursday".

So, be ready for that! :-)

Also, one last thing: this was the first thing NNR related that I did where I did not use a script to record. I thought about editing out the "ums" and the pauses, but thought, nah, this is a great piece of "John starting out", so that when Channel 2 launches, and I'm doing a lot more talking, we'll be able to compare me then to me now - and hopefully I'll have improved a lot. This rough audio may well be a very valuable (and heart warming) thing for me to have as cross-reference material later. 

So, enjoy (or at least endure) the "ums" and pauses. They’re for posterity! :-)


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