Sunday, January 21, 2018

Nerd Noise Radio Track List and Stats for 2017


I'm nearly a month late in getting this created, and it also turned into a much bigger project than I had originally envisioned. But as promised, I have for you an Excel file containing all the track info for 2017, which you can use to select tracks for our upcoming Best of 2017 episode, which is scheduled for mid-March of this year, an will be episode C1E25. It's slated to be a super-sized episode.

This file contains a number of different sheets, in order to give you the choice of seeing the track list by episode (in the order in which they were presented), by track name alphabetically, by game name, by composer name (alphabetized by first name, rather than last), or by system. It also has a stats sheet for various pieces of data about the past year. You may find it interesting, or you may not. I find it interesting. :-)

In any case, here is the link to the Excel file! Please start sending me tracks you would like to have featured on the show. I list a number of ways in the file to get that info to me. In addition to all of those, I would like to also offer you the ability to include your picks right here in the comments section of this blog post! 

Hope you find the file useful, and at least mildly "infotaining". ;-)


John - Nerd Noise Radio

Here's the link:!AqhGLz1m7arYhLhCKX12aK9TbXeosQ

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