Saturday, October 27, 2018

Nerd Noise Radio - Channel 1: "Noise from the Hearts of Nerds" Podcast - “C1E37: Super Castlevania IV Soundtrack”

Happy Halloween! Today’s broadcast is Episode 37 for Soundtrack Saturday, October 27th, 2018. Today’s soundtrack is the Super Castlevania IV soundtrack on the SNES, composed by Masanori Adachi and Taro Kudo.

Note: While producing the video, I noticed (and corrected) a few mistakes in the show notes that I did not notice when recording the audio for the outro. So the spoken track list in the outro will have those mistakes. Sorry. :-(

Track Number / Track Name / Time stamp

01: Intro - 00:00:00
02: Opening - 00:03:30
03: Prologue - 00:04:10
04: Password - 00:06:36
05: The Courtyard (stage 1-1) - 00:07:22
06: Simon's Theme (stage 1-2) - 00:07:49
07: Boss 1 - 00:10:56
08: Stage Clear - 00:12:27
09: Map A - 00:12:31
10: The Forest of Monsters (stage 2) - 00:12:48
11: The Cave (stage 3-1) - 00:16:08
12: The Waterfall (stage 3-2) - 00:18:05
13: The Submerged City (stage 3-3) - 00:20:53
14: Clockwork Mansion (stage 4-1) - 00:25:23
15: The Rotating Dungeon (stage 4-2) - 00:28:51
16: The Courtyard (stage 5-1) - 00:30:18
17: The Castle Door (Stage 5-2) - 00:32:45
18: Map B -00:33:36
19: The Entrance Hall (Stage 6-1) - 00:33:49
20: The Chandeliers (stage 6-2) - 00:35:20
21: Boss 2 - 00:38:00
22: The Library (stage 7) - 00:39:39
23: The Torture Chamber (stage 8) - 00:42:45
24: The Treasury Room (stage 9) - 00:46:52
25: Map C - 00:52:14
26: Bloody Tears (stage A) - 00:52:32
27: Map D - 00:54:31
28: Vampire Killer (Stage B-1) - 00:54:45
29: Beginning (Stage B-2) - 00:55:51
30: Room of Close Associates (Stage B-3) - 00:57:42
31: Dracula Battle - 01:00:21
32: Dracula's Death - 01:04:02
33: Ending - 01:04:33
34: Player Miss - 01:08:49
35: Game Over - 01:08:54
36: Secret Room - 01:09:02
37: Outro - 01:11:08

Music Block Runtime: 01:07:41, Total Episode Runtime: 01:17:24

Our Outro Music is Funky Radio - Jet Grind Radio - Dreamcast - BB Rights. Our Intro Music….is a surprise - a surprise that will be revealed in the outro. The haunted house image used is by DaakSM on DeviantArt

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