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Nerd Noise Radio Reruns presents: "Chandlerfest"!

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Buried somewhere around the middle of this 2hr, 22min long, profoundly bittersweet, and deeply emotional tribute to my dear friend Chris Chandler on the occasion of what would've been his 40th birthday is a complete, and unmodified rerun of Nerd Noise Radio C1E10 (originally broadcast 05/22/2017) - which itself was originally intended as a tribute to Chris. The music block portion of C1E10 was produced on the day of his passing, 12/28/2016.

Technically, today's production is categorized as a rerun. But only 47 minutes of this 2hrs, 22mins are actually the rerun itself. The rest is a fresh production, brand new, and all dedicated to Chris. Come, hear his music, hear his story, and hear our hearts. Get acquainted with the man who meant so much to all of us, and whose passing still reverberates through our lives these more than 2 1/2 years later. Welcome one and all…..to Chandlerfest!

Greeting (Mark Chandler) - 00:00:00


Song - Artist - Album

Still Your Fool - Chris Chandler - Manifesto - 00:00:11

Chris Story pt. 1 - 00:03:26

Early Music Block 1

Song – Composer - Album

Waltz - Chris Chandler - Chris Chandler: 1979-2009 - 00:08:55
For the Moment - Chris Chandler - Ephemera - 00:13:19
Drag Me Down - Chris Chandler - Chris Chandler: 1979-2009 - 00:16:27

Chris Story pt. 2 / Mark Story -  00:19:51

(Mark Story - 00:27:14)

Early Music Block 2

Song – Composer - Album

The Ache - Chris Chandler - Under the Weather - 00:34:31
Effigy - Chris Chandler - Quod Sum Eris - 00:38:12
Eagle + Serpent - Chris Chandler - Ephemera - 00:41:37

Preface to Rerun - 00:45:34

C1E10 complete episode Rerun

C1E10 Tracklist

01: Intro - 00:56:21
02: Shinobi 3 - Genesis - Japonesque - Hirofumi Murasaki, Masayuki Nagao, Morihiko Akiyama - 00:58:16
03: Final Fantasy XIII - PS3 - The Vile Peaks - Masashi Hamauzu - 01:00:32
04: Trip World - Game Boy - Stage 2-2 - “Phase Out” - 01:03:19
05: Ninja Warriors - SNES - City - Hiroyuki Iwatsuki - 01:05:03
06: Quake 2 - PC - Quad Machine - Sonic Mayhem - 01:07:10
07: X-Men - Arcade - Ethnic Cave and Flame - The Konami Kukeiha Club - 01:10:42
08: Jumping Flash 2 - PS1 - Stage 1-2 - Takeo Miratsu - 01:13:16
09: Fushigi no Umi no Nadia - PCE - HES 12 - Shiro Sagisu - 01:14:54
10: Sim City - SNES - Capital - Soyo Oka - 01:16:52
11: Castlevania III - NES - Riddle - Konami Kukeiha Club - 01:19:14
12: Ai Chou Aniki - PC Engine - Stage 4-3 - Iwasaki Taku - 01:20:15
13: Star Wars: SOTE - N64 - Menu - Joel McNeely - 01:21:53
14: Super Meat Boy - PC/360 - Forest Funk - Danny Baronowsky - 01:22:54
15: Metroid Prime - GameCube - Metroid Prime Battle - Kenji Yamamoto and/or Kouichi Kyuma -  01:25:42
16: James Bond 007 - Genesis - Space Hop - Matt Furniss -  01:28:18
17: Tiny Toon Adventures: BBL - SNES - Space Opera -  Kazuhiko Uehara and/or Yukie Morimoto -  01:30:23
18: Chester Cheetah: TCTF - Genesis - To the Exit - Kaneko Sound Team - 01:33:06
19: Salamander - PC Engine - Crystal Forever - Konami Kukeiha Club - 01:36:02
20: Outro - 01:36:29

Debrief (St. John) - 01:42:57

Post Rerun Music Block

Song - Artist - Album

Etude Blanc - Chris Chandler - Ephemera - 01:45:44
Instrumental - Chris Chandler - Ephemera - 01:49:02
The Gathering Dark - Chris Chandler - Quod Sum Eris - 01:51:12
Nuns of Steel - Chris Chandler - Quod Sum Eris - 01:53:49
Cloud to Ground - Chris Chandler - Ephemera - 01:59:25
Ineffectual - Chris Chandler - Chris Chandler: 1979-2009 - 02:04:15

Gag Tracks Primer - 02:09:26

Song - Artist - Album

Hidden Track - Chris Chandler - Monochrome Dream - 02:10:25

Wrap-up - 02:12:48

Closer / Sign-off

End Credits - Ai Chou Aniki - PC Engine - Iwasaki Taku - 02:17:49

Mark Sign-off - 02:21:31

Incidental Music for Chris Story 1 - Sadness - Unlimited Saga - PS2 - Masashi Hamauzu - 00:03:26
Incidental Music for Chris Story 2 / Mark's Story - Zora's Domain: Day - LoZ: BotW - WiiU / Switch - c: Koji Kondo a: Yasuaki Iwata - 00:19:51
Incidental Music for Preface to Rerun - Build 4 - The Sims - PC - Jerry Martin and/or Marc Russo - 00:45:34
Incidental Music for Debrief - Perils of the Coral Reef - Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future - Dreamcast - Tim Follin - 01:42:57
Incidental Music for Wrap Up - Whisper and Mantra - Secret of Mana - SNES - Hiroki Kikuta - 02:09:26
Incidental Music for Closer / Sign-off - To the Stars - Prune - iOS/Android/Windows - Kyle Preston - 02:12:48


While I'm chintzing here a little bit due to being 3hrs past bedtime on the zero hour deadline, starting with this episode, in an effort to differentiate blogspot from my other content outlets, and create a little bit of "value add" to it, I will be making extended versions of the show notes, usually in a more "blof" form, with inside info, productions notes, and all that sort of stuff. That will start in force with C1E47, September's episode, but for now, let me simply copy/paste some rough notes that you can use to follow along with during the rerun portion of this production to get the intended emotion each track meant to invoke. I apologize that I have not cleaned it up any better. I'll do better next time. :-)


Japnoesque from Shinobi III is "Happy Chris – the life and times of Chris the adventurer". 

The Vile Peaks from Final Fantasy XIII was "Dark Chris" - the hanging clouds. 

Stage 2-2 from Trip World is - "Absence" - an almost emotionless, almost detached, almost academic musing on the passing of our friend.

City, from Ninja Warriors ("fun Chris" - the breezy ease of laughing and living with our friend)

Quad Machine from Quake 2 ("rockstar Chris" - not his style of music, but the force of impact he had as one)

Ethnic Cave and Flame from X-Men ("fun Chris" - but with a tinge of something dark - the complexity of our emotions)

Stage 1-2 from Jumping Flash 2 ("goofy Chris" - "'Andy the Squirrel' Chris" for those who knew him)

Track 12 from Fushigi no Umi no Nadia ("solemnity" - the emptiest rooms in the world are where departed friends once dwelt)

Capital from Sim City ("memories" - The Des Moines in which Chris and I first met - quiet, humble, quaint, dull, but charming - the "big small town" kind of mid-size Des Moines was then as held in contrast to the lively, explosively ascendant "small big city" kind of mid-size Des Moines is today ---- I wouldn't trade new for old for the world....but that doesn't mean I don't miss it occasionally - nor especially its departed denizens. This track takes me back to the humble Des Moines backdrop of the humble beginnings of Chris and I's epic journey.

Riddle from Castlevania III ("complex Chris" - Chris was more than just the sum of all these parts, and while in general I feel we understood him really well, he was deeper than that which could be completely and entirely grasped.)

Stage 4-3 from Ai Chou Aniki ("chaos Chris" - the inner turmoil he dealt with - the silent scream.)

Menu from Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire ("Star Wars fan Chris" - and it also further plays into the mysterious juxtaposition of all his elements - as well as the elements of tension in his life)

Forest Funk from Super Meat Boy ("goofy Chris" - as well as a little "rockstar Chris" and "fun Chris" - in this game you're a wad of raw hamburger trying to save your girlfriend made of bandages from an evil fetus in a mechanical suit - none of which holds a candle to some of the things he concocted!)

Metroid Prime Battle from Metroid Prime ("dark Chris" - the ultimate struggle with his demons - of all the moments in this episode, this is by far the most difficult for me to listen to, because though I realize intellectually that this is ridiculous of me, emotionally, this track felt like I was doing something hurtful to him, subjecting him to something bad.)

Space Hop from 007 The Duel ("personal catharsis" - the last track got WAAAAAY too real for me, and so I needed something to cool things down QUICK! Also, "fun Chris" - the adventure)

Space Opera from Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose ("space cadet Chris", as Chris went to space camp as a kid - and also the very same track that was playing on my SNES the moment I got the call from him several years earlier that his mother had passed away - reunion time!)

To the Exit from Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool ("goodbye Chris" - he headed to the exit - and the bittersweetness of the track that captures the bittersweetness of the fact)

And lastly, Crystal Forever from Salamander ("Chris eternal" - we'll never forget you, friend! Fare the well, Captain!)

the first three tracks are sort of a stage-setting summary for the whole. You know, "There was a guy named Chris who was awesome, but he wrestled with demons constantly, and now he's gone, and we are struck in the vacuum and mystery of his absence". Something to that effect. From there, the remaining tracks just expound on that basic idea and provide elaboration.

One last little thing about the rerun: I always disclaimer the production values of the intro and outro on episodes 1-10 before I share them because they are so bad! Hopefully the rest of this program will demonstrate how much my production abilities have improved in the time between.

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