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"Noise from the Hearts of Nerds" - “C1E47a: Turbotastic”

Today’s broadcast is  C1E47a for Theme Thursday, September 12th, 2019. Today is part 1 of 3 in our first ever mini-series. The theme of our miniseries is music from the Turbografx16 / PC Engine - co-created with Bryce Dumond of the TG16 Game by Game podcast, "Turbotastic". Today's installment is called "Turbotastic. 

The Episode can be heard here:

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BLOGSPOT-SPECIFIC NOTES: Some of the things I'd like to share will have to wait for the blog post for part 3, as it contains "spoilers". But what I can say now is that with this series being three episodes, made between two guys, all pulling from just one game system, it was important to me to strive to make the three sound as LITTLE ALIKE as possible. I feel like we were successful in this regard. 

Part one, majority picked by Bryce, and only minority picked by me, and featuring a mix of HuC6280 system "chip" music and CD Audio, biases more towards "greatest hits" / "big title" tracks, and features a lot of rock and otherwise high energy tracks. Of the three, it is the "party animal" for sure. So, if what you're after is a bunch of fun, familiar, high-medium octane tracks, then I am confident that part one will be your favorite of the three. It's 40 tracks and roughly 1hr, 44min of music.

Part two, majority picked by me, and only minority picked by Bryce, and also featuring a mix of HuC6280 system "chip" music and CD Audio, biases much more towards "deep cuts". And while it certainly does contain its share of rockin' and high energy tracks, it covers a much broader emotional / energy-level spectrum than part one, and trends more towards the contemplative, often (but not always) with deep atmospheric transcendent waves. If part one is the "party animal", part two is the "thinking man's episode" episode of the three. So, if you're more excited by the idea of exploring new sonic territory, and getting to spend time in "the chill zone", but with just enough energy to keep from getting too dull, then I think this one will be your favorite. It's also 40 tracks, but just a little bit shorter, clocking in at about 1hr, 41 minutes. Although, I believe that the longest individual track in the series is in this episode.

Part three is all picked by me, and is HuC6280 system "chip" music. As such, you'd think it'd be the odd man out. However, I feel like parts one and two constitute the "opposite extremes" of the series, and that this one meets their energies and spirits somewhere in the middle. Admittedly, it probably lands a little closer to part two, considering it also biases a bit "deep cut", and also spends a little time in the chill zone, making part one, arguably, the REAL outlier of the series. But it doesn't go nearly as deep into the chill spaces, or spend as much time there. And while it doesn't do a lot of outright "rocking out", it does at least contain a much higher percentage of tracks than part two that keep the energy level up, and the feet a'tappin. 

So, for those listeners who thought [to borrow a Goldilocks metaphor] that part one was "too hot", and part two was "too cold", should find part three to be "just right". Also, if you're a true diehard retro-gamer, and prize chip music above CD audio, this is the "pure one" for you. This one is 50 tracks, so ten more than each of the other two. But amazingly, it is NOT the longest music block of the trio. Since the CD audio tracks tend to run longer than the chip tracks, this one lands in the middle of the pack lengthwise at give or take 1hr and 43min.

But regardless of which one you like best / least, I hope you enjoy them all, and I hope you will agree with me that not only were Bryce and I successful in given them all distinct voices and souls, but that the contrasting nature of them are like the tide that raises all ships....that is, that the fact that they're each so different from each other that it makes them all better and more rewarding to listen to than if they were standalone episodes, and that the total is greater than the sum of its parts. It's an adventure, and I hope you enjoy embarking on the journey as much as Bryce and I enjoyed making it!

Here's part one. Enjoy!!!!


(BC) = Bryce's Picks – CD Audio 
(BH) = Bryce's Picks – HuC6280 
(JC) = John's Picks – CD Audio 
(JH) = John's Picks – HuC6280 
(JA) = John's Picks – HuC & ADPCM 

01 - Intro - 00:00:00 
02 - (BH) Blazing Lazers – Intro - Masatom Miyamoto, JTS, Masanobu Tsukamoto, Sydon Inoue, Keiji Takeuchi and/or Ozono - 00:03:10 
03 - (BH) Raiden – Gallantry - Akira Sato - 00:05:09 
04 - (JA) Cyber City Oedo 808 – Music S00 - Keiichi Yamamoto, Atsuhiro Motoyama, Miyuki Takagi, and/or Atsushi Yamaji - 00:07:37 
05 - (BH) Salamander – Burn the Wind - Miki Higashino, Yoshiaki Hatano, and/or Kazuki Muraoka - 00:10:42 
06 - (BC) Lords of Thunder – Auzal Stage - Satoshi Miyashita - 00:12:19 
07 - (BH) Afterburner II – Final Take Off - Hiroshi Kawaguchi, and/or Shigeharu Isoda - 00:16:43 
08 - (BC) Ys 1 & 2 – Palace of Destruction - c: Yuzo Koshiro / a: Mieko Ishikawa - 00:20:42 
09 - (JH) Street Fighter 2CE – Character Select - Yoko Shimomura - 00:22:45 
10 - (BC) Lords of Thunder – Llamarada Stage - Satoshi Miyashita - 00:23:49 
11 - (BH) Bloody Wolf – Level 1 - Azusa Hara, Hiroaki Yoshida, Tatsuya KiuchiHitomi Komatsu, Shuuji Segawa, Shogo Sakai, Takafumi Miura, Yuji Suzuki, and/or Yusuke Takahama - 00:28:14 
12 - (JH) Dead Moon – Moon - Mamoru Ishimoda, and/or Yoko Sonoda - 00:30:12 
13 - (JH) Metal Stoker – Computer System (Stage 6) - Hiroto Saitoh - 00:32:33 
14 - (BH) Raiden – Fighting Thunder - Akiro Sato - 00:34:48 
15 - (BH) Afterburner II – Afterburner - Hiroshi Kawaguchi, and/or Shigeharu Isoda - 00:38:01 
16 - (BC) Ys 1 & 2 – Holders of Power - c: Yuzo Koshiro / a: Mieko Ishikawa - 00:42:59 
17 - (BH) Blazing Lazers – Area 9 - Masatom Miyamoto, JTS, Masanobu Tsukamoto, Sydon Inoue, Keiji Takeuchi and/or Ozono - 00:44:37 
18 - (BC) Lords of Thunder – Cielom Stage - Satoshi Miyashita - 00:46:51 
19 - (BC) Castelvania: Rondo of Blood – Bloodlines - Mikio Saitou, Akiropito, Kinuyo Yamashita, and/or Satoe Terashima -  00:51:16 
20 - (JC) Double Dragon 2 – Stage 5 - Togo Hiroyuki - 00:54:24 
21 - (BC) Ys 1 & 2 – First Step Towards War - c: Yuzo Koshiro / a: Mieko Ishikawa - 00:57:11 
22 - (JH) Magical Chase – Stage 3 - Hitoshi Sakimoto and/or Masaharu Iwata - 0:59:12 
23 - (BH) Ninja Ryukeden – Level 1 - Keiji Yamagishi, BB, Hasake, and/or Makiko Tanifuji - 01:02:20 
24 - (BH) Legendary Axe – Level 3 - Atsumi Chikuma and/or Toshiaki Takimoto - 01:04:12 
25 - (BH) Salamander – Starfield - Miki Higashino, Yoshiaki Hatano, and/or Kazuki Muraoka - 01:06:31 
26 - (BH) Salamander – Boss - Miki Higashino, Yoshiaki Hatano, and/or Kazuki Muraoka - 01:08:25 
27 - (BH) Legendary Axe – Level 1 - Atsumi Chikuma and/or Toshiaki Takimoto - 01:09:04 
28 - (BH) Bonk's Adventure – Boss - Tsukasa Masuko and/or Hirohiko Takayama - 01:11:10 
29 - (BH) Ninja Spirit – Kessen - M. Ishida - 01:12:21 
30 - (JC) Shubibinman 3 – Stage 2-2: Airship Interior - Koji Hayama - 01:14:35 
31 - (JC) Ai Chou Aniki – Stage 1-3 - Iwasaki Taku - 01:16:37 
32 - (JC) Fatal Fury Special – Duck Dub Dub - Shinsekai Gakkyoku - 01:20:12 
33 - (JH) Batman – Stage 2 - Naoki Kodaka - 01:24:11 
34 - (JH) Kaizu Chounin Shubibbinman – In-Game 3 - Koji Hayama - 01:26:23 
35 - (BC) Castlevania: Rondo of Blood - Bloody Tears - Mikio Saitou, Akiropito, Kinuyo Yamashita, and/or Satoe Terashima -  01:29:08 
36 - (JH) Metal Stoker – Metal Elephant (Boss 6) - Hiroto Saitoh - 01:30:46 
37 - (JH) Air Zonk – Bubble Marine - Daisuke Morshima and/or Hisashi Matsushita - 01:32:58 
38 - (BH) Bonk's Adventure – Level One - Tsukasa Masuko and/or Hirohiko Takayama - 01:36:12 
39 - (BH) Outrun – Magical Sound Shower - Hiroshi Kawaguchi and/or Shigeharu Isoda - 01:37:18 
40 - (BH) Yo Bro – I get Around - c: The Beach Boys / a: Unknown - 01:42:25 
41 - (BH) Yo Bro – Help Me Rhonda - c: The Beach Boys / a: Unknown - 01:44:53 
42 - Outro - 01:48:03 

Music Block Runtime: 01:44:57, Total Episode Runtime: 01:59:33 

Our Intro and Outro Music is Funky Radio, from Jet Grind Radio on the Sega Dreamcast, composed by BB Rights. Composer and track info vetted by "Pidge".  

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