Friday, May 29, 2020

Eligible Track List for "Best of 2019" - Listener Picks (C1E55 - Dec 2020)

It's that time again, Listeners! Time to start getting ready for our next "Best of 20XX" celebration! "Best of 2019" will be C1E55, slated for December 2020, and as always, there will be a "Listener Picks" installment which comes out first.

Please peruse the list of eligible tracks from 2019, and get back to me with your picks. You can get a hold of me with submissions via any means: Facebook or Twitter, the blogspot comments, or of course, by e-mail at Submissions will be accepted through September 30th. Max limit for the episode will be 50 tracks, but if we get more than that, maybe there'll be a bonus. When you submit tracks, also let me know if you'd like to participate in lending your voice to the intro and outro as well. :-)

Here's a link to the Archive post with the files (notes are the same as this, so you can skip those.) ;-)

In the past, I had shared complex, in-depth spreadsheets that tried to show the data from multiple different angles (in run order, by composer, by system, alphabetical, and so on) with incidental data such as release date vs production date, and so on. Starting this year, I decided I'd release an ultra-simplified version. I had planned on doing both, but I ran out of time. The simple list will be a thing from now til the end of NNR. The complex one should return in 22 for the "Best of 2020/2021" round.

I look forward very much to seeing how this episode will shape up. C1E25 and C1E45, our previous "Best of 20XX" episodes were both GREAT, and I have great confidence in the listeners that C1E55 will be as well! 


-St. John (Nerd Noise Radio)

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