Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Nerd Noise Radio - Channel 1: "Noise from the Hearts of Nerds" Podcast - C1E24: "TwoFer Tuesday - vol. 3”

Today’s broadcast is Episode 24 for TwoFer Tuesday, February 27th, 2018, on a program we're calling "TwoFer Tuesday - vol. 3"

---NOTE--- There is a mistake in the tracklist. I was unable to catch it in time to fix it in the episode itself, but have fixed it in the show notes. The track list is corrected with an asterisk. See the asterisk at the VERY bottom of the show notes for the details of the mistake.

Track Number / Game (Composer) / Track Names (Composers) / Time Stamp

01: Intro - 00:00
02: Sega Rally Championship - Saturn - Naofumi Hataya
a) Reckless Running - 02:15
b) Around a Letter - 06:20
03: Zool 2 - Amiga - Neil Biggin
a) Bulberry Hill - 07:20
b) Mount Ices - 10:17 *
04: Jewelmaster - Genesis - Motoaki Takenouchi
a) Alone in Love - 13:29
b) King Turtle - 15:41
05: Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild - WiiU/SWITCH! - Manaka Kataoka and/or Yasuaki Iwata
a) Inside Vah Naboris (1 terminal) - 17:05
b) Inside Vah Rudania (1 terminal) - 18:57
06: Jaguar XJ220 - Sega CD - Martin Iveson
a) Track 4 - 21:10
b) Track 7 - 24:07
07: Whomp Em - NES - Tsukasa Tawada
a) Woods Test - 26:07
b) Sacred Cliff Test - 28:11
08: Star Cruiser - Mega Drive - Toshiya Yamanaka
a) Restaurant - 30:29
b) Federal Patrol Office - 31:39
09: So Many Me - multi - Christopher Gechan and/or Daniel Byrne-McCullough
a) Dark Forest 1 - 32:47
b) Chrono Castle - 37:30
10: Wave Race 64 - N64 - Kazumi Totaka
a) Milky Lake - 41:40
b) Name Entry - 43:49
11: Outro - 44:55

Music Block Runtime: 42:46, Total Episode Runtime: 50:32

Our Intro and Outro Music is Funky Radio - Dreamcast - BB Rights

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Thanks for listening! Join us again Wednesday, March 14th for C1E25 (Channel 1, Episode 25): "THE BEST OF 2017" (a SUPER-SIZED Episode) - Delicious VGM on "Noise from the Hearts of Nerds"! And wherever you are - Fly the N!


*= Track is listed in the episode (and was originally listed in the show notes) as "Snaking Pass". Actually, Snaking Pass WAS used in the original draft of the tracklist - so it actually was right originally, but I swapped it out for Mount Ices, as I felt that track worked better in the context of the playlist. I will feature Snaking Pass eventually in a future episode. As I said, this mistake dawned on me too late to feasibly reproduce and re-upload the episode, so I'm just leaving the mistake in there. Hopefully, it'll go down in NNR Lore as something we all smile and chuckle about later. Just know that I did catch the mistake on my own, and didn't have to experience the embarrassment of getting called out on it in the comments later on. Now, perhaps, someone who didn't read the show notes, but did listen to the episode will, in fact, take to the comments section to set me aright. And if this happens, I'll just steer them back to these notes. :-)


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