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Nerd Noise Radio - Channel F: FaceOff Friday - vol. 1 - Trey's Picks!

Back in November on Channel 1, we had our first FaceOff Friday episode, and with it, our first Nerd Noise Radio contest! The third person to e-mail would get to have their picks featured in a bonus episode here on Channel F, and if they so chose, even guest host the intro and/or outro of the episode. If the winner would turn out to have a podcast or other project of their own they'd get the opportunity to promote it.

It turns out that winner was Trey Johnson, one of the hosts of the Nintendomain Podcast, as well as being the host of W.A.R.T. Radio, and one of the hosts of The Honey Darling Show. In order to maintain the elements of surprise, I will not say which parts (if any), Trey chose to guest host, and which parts (if any) I hosted as usual.

Also, to maintain the element of surprise, the track list below DOES NOT indicate which versions of the tracks Trey selected. In the video version of this episode, the track versions are revealed in the pop-up at the beginning of each track, as well as in the track list in the outro. In the audio version, only in the track list in the outro. Of course, the astute listener will not require either aid to be able to determine which version they are hearing. However, as a general "roadmap" to the episode, the track list (minus version specification) is provided below. It also includes timestamps.

See below the track list for links to the episode, as well as links to Trey and the Nintendomain gang's body of work!


-John - Nerd Noise Radio

Track Number / Game Name / Track Name / Composers / Versions List / Timestamp

01: Intro 00:00
02: Spiderman vs the Sinister Six - Game Theme 1 - David Whittaker - 01:38
NES or Mastersystem
03: Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu - Stage 3 - Masakatsu Maekawa - 04:59
NES or TG16
04: Genocide 2 - Refreshing Breeze - Hideyuki Shimono and/or Naoyuki Kimora - 06:44
FM Towns or X68000
05: Zora’s Domain - c: Koji Kondo - 10:23
LoZ: OoT - N64 or LoZ: BotW - WiiU / Switch (a:Yasuaki Iwata)
06: Snatcher - Endless Pursuer - Konami Kuheiha Club - 13:00
PC88 (OPN) or Sega CD (YM2612) or PC Engine CD (HuC) or MSX (SCC)
07: Salamander (aka Life Force) - Power of Anger - Konami Kukeiha Club - 14:06
MSX (SCC) or PC Engine or Arcade (OPM) or NES
08: Final Fantasy VI (aka FFIII) - Serpent Road - Nobuo Uematsu - 15:10
09: Gunstar Heroes - Seven Force - Norio Hanzawa - 17:13
GBA (Gunstar Super Heroes) or Genesis
10: Wolfchild - Ancient Temple - c: Martin Iveson - 20:12
Amiga or Genesis (a: Matt Furniss)
11: Star Cruiser - Main Theme - Toshiya Yamanaka - 22:42
X68000 or PC98 (OPN) or Mega Drive
12: 1943 Kai - Stage 3 - Tamayo Kawamoto - 26:27
Arcade or PC Engine
13: Virtua Fighter 2 - Kage Theme - Saturn vs Genesis - Takayuki Nakamura - 28:29
Saturn vs Genesis
14: Dragon Spirit - Stage 6 (Glacier Land) - Shinji Hosoe - 29:57
Arcade / X68000 or TG16
15: Ghouls and Ghosts (aka Daimakaimura) - The Crystal Forest - Tamayo Kawamoto - 33:44
SuperGrafx or Arcade or Genesis
16: Kenji Yamamoto and/or Minako Hamano 36:13
Metroid Prime 2 - Gamecube/Wii - Lower Torvus Bog or Super Metroid - SNES - Brinstar Red Soil
17: Spiderman/X-Men - Storm Theme - Tim and/or Geoff Follin - 42:53
SNES or Genesis
18: Demon Seed - Konami Kukeiha Club - 47:17
Akumajou Densetsu - Famicom (VRC6) or Castlevania III - NES
19: NBA JAM - Jon Hey - 48:43
Sega CD (Team Select) or SNES (Team Select) or Arcade (Game Over) or Genesis (Team Select)
20: Outro - 49:53

Music Block Runtime: 48:34, Total Episode Runtime: 58:29

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