Monday, May 25, 2015

The [proposed] new week on Nerd Noise Radio

On our Twitter feed we have for the past month or so had a week that looked like this:


Mon-Thu: No theme, just share tracks. Anything goes so long as a) no soundtracks, b) no reusing tracks featured in the last six months, and c) no FACE-OFFs.

Fri: Replay Friday - self explanatory, right? Anything can be refeatured - tracks or soundtracks, only nothing new.

Sat: Soundtrack Saturday - also self explanatory. Only soundtracks.

Sun: Theme Sunday - once again, intensely self-explanatory. Every post has to fit some topic. Could be genre of game the music comes from, could be series of game, could be system, could be composer, or could be something geeky, like yesterday's Theme Sunday, which featured only tracks that use prominent FM. Also, FACE OFFs could be a theme, like weeks before yesterday's "PC Engine vs the World"


That's the week as it stands.

But not only in the name of having tighter themes, but also to satisfy my burning urge for good alliteration, here is what I'm planning to change our week to:


"Mishmash Monday" - This is the old no theme M-Th, exactly like the old M-Th.

"Tech Tuesday" - Some geeky, tech related theme.

"Wayback Wednesday" - Formerly known as "Replay Friday", otherwise unchanged.

"Theme Thursday" - Formerly known as "Theme Sunday". Focus is narrowed only to something not-tech (like composer, genre, series, system (system can work for both Tue and Thu). Also, no face-offs, and only video game music (no chip tunes, covers, or other kinds of VGM-related-non-VGM)

"Face Off Friday" - self explanatory, I found a way to work my beloved FACE OFFs into twitter!

"Soundtrack Saturday" - in every way unchanged from before.

"Scene Sunday" - Chiptunes, Covers (whether they're chiptune covers of [quote unquote] "real music", or [quote unquote] "real instrument"/"real band" covers of VGM, or heck, even chip covers of VGM (I.e. a YM2612 version of an SNES track), and non-VGM music somehow connnected to VGM either by sampling VGM, being sampled by VGM, being clearly inspired by VGM, clearly an inspiration to VGM, or simply non-VGM music composed by VGM composers (I.e. VGM composer Martin Iveness does non-VGM under the name Atjazz).


I'm going to wait a week or two to implement any of this on Twitter, though. I want to give people a chance to tell me they don't like it, and either offer alternate suggestions, or ask that things remain the way they are. I want to give people a chance to "vote no", that does NOT involve "voting no" with the "unfollow" button, if you know what I mean.

But barring significant outcry, within the next week or two, this will be the new face of Nerd Noise Radio on Twitter!

Like? Dislike? Disdain? Too complicated? Or sheer genius? Blow up the comments!

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