Sunday, May 3, 2015

VGM-FACE OFF PRIMER ADDENDUM: Part 2 of 10: Jackie Chan’s Action Kung-Fu TRACK OFF!

For the Introduction/explanation to this mini-series, here's Part 1.. The original VGM FACE OFF Primer post this is all based off of can be found here. For your convenience, here are the tracks again. Please listen to them BEFORE reading my write-up:



In the case of the Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu TRACK OFF: 

Which version was the original version? I -THINK- the TG16 was the original, and the NES version was the port...but I won't swear to that!

Novelty/Familiarity disclosure: TG16 version was the familiar version, but barely, as I had only discovered it maybe a few months before the NES version.

System sound preference disclosure: I definitely prefer the TG16 sound to the NES sound as a whole.

My verdict: TG16 wins!

Why? Yes, the melody is clearer and more front and center in the NES version, and I actually do think I prefer the slightly slower tempo on it. But The TG16 wins for me because of the richer harmonies, the amazing ADPCM sampled drums (when it really tried, the PC Engine/Turbografx was amazing at sampling, avoiding both the scratchiness of the Genesis, and the muffle of the SNES), and the more pearly "plinkly" embellishes in the chorus, as well as the pearled harmonies in the verse. Of all those winning elements for me, I think the real clincher is just the richness and extra depth of the harmonies (sometimes consonant, and sometimes dissonant).

Was it a close contest? Mmm, close-ish, maybe? The NES version really is pretty great! But the PCE version is even greater!

So, what about you? Agree? Disagree? Think I'm totally nuts? There's a comments section. Light it up! 

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