Saturday, May 9, 2015

Twitter "Replay Friday" 05/08/2015

Just as the name implies, this is sort of a weekly "mini-greatest-hits" of the Twitter page. The tracks don't have to be taken from the same week, though, and as such, are not just redundant of "The Week of".

Here's this week's "Replay Friday":

Streets of Rage - Genesis - Stage 8 theme:

Castlevania II - NES - Full Soundtrack:

Final Fantasy X - PS2 - The Burning Sands:

Contra: Hard Corps - Genesis - Jurassic Dope:

and finally:

Ballblazer - Atari 5200 (etc) - Theme of the Grid (NTSC):

And that was this week's "Replay Friday" over on the Twitter page! See you next week!

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