Friday, May 8, 2015

The Week in Twitter 05/04/15 - 05/07/15

Hi Kids!

As I have mentioned before, I want to have more interaction and overlap between the blog and the twitter feed. I'm sure I'll think of ideas later that are better than what I currently have...or perhaps one of my readers may have an idea worth its weight in gold, and we implement it.

But for now, on the "blog-to-twitter" side, when I post a blog entry, I point people to it in a tweet. what I'm thinking of on the "twitter-to-blog" side is thus:

- Repost the tracks shared on "Theme Sunday" as a blog (I've done this once before.)

- Repost the soundtracks shared on "Soundtrack Saturday" as a blog.

- Repost the tracks shared on "Replay Friday" as a blog.

- and finally, Repost all the "ordinary" tracks that appeared on the "ordinary" Mon-Thurs of the week.

If anyone has any ideas that I can pursue to further/better link the blog and twitter page - OR, if you think one or more of these ideas should be abandoned, please, light up the comments.

Meanwhile, here's our inaugural "The week in Twitter..." post. These are all the tracks that were shared on Twitter this past week M-T:

Super Star Wars - SNES - Intro and Theme (May the 4th be with you!):

Streets of Rage - Genesis - Stage 8 Theme:

Kid Icarus - NES - Underworld Theme:

Rockman and Forte - Super Famicom - Tenguman Theme:

F-Zero - SNES - Mute City:

Metal Stoker - PC Engine - HES 73 (Unknown Track 73):

Phantasy Star 2 - Genesis - Restoration:

Guacamelee - Multi-platform - Forest del Chivo:

Street Fighter 1 - Arcade - Bonus Theme 2:

and finally - Spellcaster - Mastersystem - Adventure Screen:

So, let me know, gang! Great idea, terrible idea - the compiling of the week's twitter tracks into a blog? It seems like a great idea to me, but I don't know if that's sage wisdom on my part, or the ravings of one who doesn't know how to work the internet unless you guys pipe up and let me know! :-)

In either case, I hope you enjoy the music. I try to keep things a good mix of all systems, styles, and eras, with a smart mix of famous and obscure tracks, and an emphasis on 8-bit, and most especially, 16-bit era music. Hope you like this week's offerings.


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